Pilar Zuniga, Sustainable Florist and SPEAKER!

Pilar Zuniga, Sustainable Florist and SPEAKER!

Pilar Zuniga offers community flower workshops and sustainable flower design courses to florists both new and experienced florists. She is also a well practiced speaker and presenter, and has presented on sustainable floral design and her experience as a florist and business owner of color, throughout the bay area and even on the east coast. Some photos of her presentation and demo at the Slow Flowers Summit in 2021.
December 06, 2022
Fall Virtual Flower Workshop

Fall Virtual Flower Workshop

The leaves are changing colors, the Bay Area is finally getting some rain, the days are getting shorter... it's Fall y'all! And you know what that means... it's time to...
October 26, 2021
Hand tied bouquet made at home during COVID-19 using the spiral method,

Bouquet Making during Covid-19

While Sheltering In Place, I have done some live Instagram Stories to share my love of creating with flowers and to spread a little beauty while we are at home and distant from some of the beauty and people we love.

Here is a shortened video I've completed that can be used as a floral design tutorial or just a glimpse of how to make a hand tied bouquet. 

April 07, 2020
Pilar Zuniga Foraging for floral design materials, England St. Giles

Dreams in the English Countryside at the Ponderosa Workshop, Part 2

More details and inspiration from the Spring 2016 Ponderosa workshop in the English Countryside at St Giles.
September 28, 2016