The Gorgeous and Green Studio and the dogs

Welcome! Here's the backstory...

Gorgeous and Green was started in back in 2008, and the main tenet of the business was to be eco friendly and sustainable in as many ways as possible while making beautiful things. We have consistently undergone certification as a green business through Alameda County. We go above and beyond our green certifications and every decision is taken with the health of the environment and our community in mind.

The business started out as an event design firm, and took on mostly weddings and event design.  Then, in 2010, we opened a Brick and Mortar in Berkeley both on San Pablo ave, and then on College ave.  We met so many wonderful customers and loved sharing our flowers, designs and local selection of artisanal goods with the public.

In early 2016, we decided to close our retail shop and become a studio florist and online store.  The decision was made after a lot of thought and consideration.  Creativity flows easiest when we have space, a clear mind and peace, a few things we lost with the retail shop. In our new found version of Gorgeous and Green, we continue to take joy and pride in our floral designs, the educational workshops we provide, and the local natural goods we share in our gift baskets.

The items we have always carried are thoughtful and beautiful.  They are chosen for their design and artistry but also their representation of a more sustainable marketplace that focuses on small production, reclaimed materials, locally grown and hand made goods. They are lovely and wonderful items, both inside and out.

The flowers and foliage we select are local grown, and when available, are organic or non-sprayed as well.  We enjoy supporting local growers and farms who are doing their best to continue to grow locally in the Bay Area, and love it when we can support local organic growers who are also taking the environment's health in mind.

We offer a third party bike courier for any gifts or flower arrangements you may wish to order and have delivered to loved ones in the area. Or even have delivered to yourself, if you happen to live in the East Bay and would like florals for your home or a special event.  This has long been a practice of ours, and we cherish our partnership with Pedal Express and all that they do to reduce Co2 emissions. 

Apart from our local gift and flower deliveries, we also offer floral decor for events big and small.  Take a look at our full service or a la carte sections to learn more about these services.

We hope you enjoy what you find and please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Pilar Zuniga, Owner and Lead Designer

Floral installation, Amazonian forest bath time