Get Sprung, it's Workshop Time!

Get Sprung, it's Workshop Time!

Spring couldn't have come sooner. With the state of the world as it it, the blossoms and greening plants just make life a little softer. We are here for all the softness. Treat yourself or a friend to an hour and a half of floral meditation. Together we will each create a luscious bouquet in a vase for the Spring Floral Workshop.

This workshop will focus on how to: put together a vase arrangement, incorporate branches and bulb flowers in your design, use a floral frog, employ eco-friendly tactics, and care for your cut blooms in a way that extends the life of your bouquet. 

Spring Floral Design Workshop

How it works:

  • If you're local to the Bay Area (San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda County, Orinda, Moraga and Marin County) we will drop off the materials to your specified location the day before the event.
  • The materials include: flowers, container, clippers, floral frog
  • If you're not local, we will provide you with a list of materials to acquire on your own
  • On April 23rd from 11:30-1:00 PST Pilar will lead you through the workshop
  • The following week you will have a fabulous floral arrangement to enjoy!
Spring Floral Workshop


We believe that flowers are a thread that tie us to the natural world and remind us of the sheer delight that can be found there.

The small work that we practice in floristry is a way to enlarge the meaning found when we hold a single stem to encompass our regard for the environment as a whole. This work helps us remember that we are all stewards for the earth. 


April 11, 2022 by Jessie Lim
Small Wedding? Our small event orders are what’s up!

Small Wedding? Our small event orders are what’s up!

small event order bridal bouquet

From passionate elopements, to drastically pared-down pandemic guest lists, love always finds a way. Gorgeous & Green offers a Small Event Order option as a more economic choice for those seeking an intimate ceremony without sacrificing the romance of fresh flowers. 

Bite sized wedding ceremonies can provide a special level of sweetness. Whittling your guest list has a cascading effect on the total budget for your wedding day.

A smaller venue, fewer plates of food, and fewer overall flowers gives you extra funds to put toward increasing the quality of your experience. Extra care can be spent on luxurious blooms for the bride, a decadent menu, or live entertainment. Your connection with your guests is also deepened, and you may even get to (gasp!) hang out with everyone!

Small Event Order Sunflower Wedding


If you're just looking for the essentials: bridal bouquet, a few boutonnieres, bridal party bouquets, a few centerpieces and/or bud vases, the Small Event Order is the way to do it. 


Small Event Order Boutonnieres  

The deets: 
  • $800 minimum (the full service minimum is 6k)
  • choose your color scheme
  • send us up to 3 inspo pics
  • order your items à la carte on the website
  • pickup or inquire about delivery (setup not included)


and voila! You're set to sail through your special day.


In our next blog, I'll discuss options for using the Small Event Order option for non-wedding gatherings. Planning a birthday, retirement, celebration of life, graduation, or divorce party? We got you.
Gorgeous & Green Does California Tropical for Preservation Park Wedding

Gorgeous & Green Does California Tropical for Preservation Park Wedding

Gorgeous and Green Wedding Flowers

We had such an awesome time putting together a refined take on a tropical theme for Bonnie and Dylan’s nuptials at Preservation Park in Oakland. 

The bridal party looked super smooth decked out in creamy tones, allowing the florals to add the drama. Think: Piña Colada vibes. 

Gorgeous and Green Wedding Flowers

As Summer edged into Autumn, the couple bathed in the sun’s golden glow, surrounded by their loved ones. The classic Victorian elegance of Preservation Park sparkled with stunning structures dating to the 1870s.

The buildings in the park are former homes, which have been preserved and refurbished to accommodate nonprofits and small businesses with a focus on social and/or environmental justice. It’s a super special place to exchange vows with your loved one. 

As always, all of our designs are done without any floral foam or plastics. 

Without further ado  feast your eyes on more of the fabulous photos  taken by South and West Photo!


 Gorgeous and Green Wedding Flowers

The beautiful bride and her maids with our ceremony installation peeking through behind them.

Gorgeous and Green Wedding Flowers

The Groom and his men looking festive and dapper in their cream suits.

Gorgeous and Green Wedding Flowers

A few of our favorite moments from the oyster bar, blanket station, and welcome table.

Gorgeous and Green Wedding Flowers

 A sweet flatlay of the invitations studded with blooms alongside a breathtaking tablescape shot. 

 Gorgeous and Green Wedding Flowers

Who doesn't love a good chair swag? ;)


All right, that's all for now! Make sure to get in touch if you're planning your wedding for 2022. Things are filling up fast and it would be our pleasure to help make your floral fantasies come true for your big day!













An extravagant arrangement to set off the aisle


Fall Virtual Flower Workshop

Fall Virtual Flower Workshop

The leaves are changing colors, the Bay Area is finally getting some rain, the days are getting shorter... it's Fall y'all! And you know what that means... it's time to gather round the table and celebrate all that we are thankful for. I don't know about you, but we are ready to P-A-R-T-Y this holiday season (safely of course).

Thanksgiving Floral Design Workshop

We've all been having a time, so it feels necessary for our sanity to highlight the good things and nurture our relationships. One way to do that is through creating space for each other: we're talking literal, embodied space. Get together outside in the lantern light or in a small group inside where it's cozy. Whatever you do, make it a space that inspires delight and awe.

Thanksgiving Floral Design Workshop

How can we help? The flowers of course! GG is offering a virtual workshop for centerpiece and table design. So whether it's Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or just a dinner party, we got you. This workshop could even be a way to get your community together and do something fun and fruitful. 

Thanksgiving Floral Design Workshop

 The Deets: If you're in the Bay, we'll deliver all the materials to you (select the Local option from the dropdown). If you're not, we'll send you a list of what to gather and meet you on zoom (select the Login option from the dropdown). 

Thanksgiving Floral Design Workshop

October 26, 2021 by Jessie Lim
Sustainable Floral Design

Sustainable Floral Design

I'm a Sustainable Floristry Network Ambassador! Well, I feel like I have been for some time (maybe since I started Gorgeous and Green and was looking to see how other florists were being sustainable, which was very difficult at the time and I mostly had to create my own methods of doing business)
I'm included in a lineup of wonderful people around the world trying to do their art and work in the most sustainable way they can, and sharing their process along the way.  
Here's just a few of us:
Pilar Zuniga and other Sustainable Floristry Ambassadors
Sue McLeary, Toby Nelson and other SFN Ambassadors
Now we have a lot more language to use to describe this way of doing business and designing, from being "sustainable" to "eco-friendly" to "slow flowers" "local grown" and "ethical business practices".  There is a lot we are doing and varying ways we are doing it, but most of the premise is the same, we are taking into account our actions as businesses and business people, and the ramifications of our purchases, our relationships, who we are supporting, who we've forgotten, how we've gotten here, and the physical effects our trash CO2 and other by-products of our work that are having an effect on the planet, it's people and animals.
Pilar Zuniga a Sustainable Floristry Network Ambassador blog interview
Would love for you to peruse or read:
Last Fall in Oakland

Last Fall in Oakland

Small Fall Pandemic Wedding in 2020 was not just sweet but gloriously beautiful and heartfelt with jewel tone drama and lively floral design.
I've started a collective on IG for Florists of Color!

I've started a collective on IG for Florists of Color!

I've started a new Instagram Collective of Florists of Color!
June 28, 2021 by Pilar Zuniga
Neon colors for the win

Neon colors for the win

Beautiful bold colors for a Spring/Summer wedding featuring Peonies! Seasonal flowers are always the most beautiful and sustainable.
Hand tied bouquet made at home during COVID-19 using the spiral method,

Bouquet Making during Covid-19

While Sheltering In Place, I have done some live Instagram Stories to share my love of creating with flowers and to spread a little beauty while we are at home and distant from some of the beauty and people we love.

Here is a shortened video I've completed that can be used as a floral design tutorial or just a glimpse of how to make a hand tied bouquet. 

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