Santana Farms Sponsor Highlight The Sustainable Flower School
The Sustainable Flower School is proud to announce that we are supported by in-kind sponsors who provide the school with some of the materials and tools students need to learn how to design in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. This support allows us to offer scholarships to students for each course. 
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Students selecting flowers and foliage for The Sustainable Flower School Vase course with Santana Farrms sponsored product
Students perusing the product available during the Vase Course of The Sustainable Flower School. 
The first sponsor we'd like to highlight is Santana Farms, a distributor of beautiful foliage, flowers and ornamentals in Southern California.
Santana Farms sponsor of The Sustainable Flower School
Santana Farms is a Family owned farm in San Marcos, California and has been in horticulture for the past 19 years. They have a hands on and small scale approach and provide great customer service, care and carefully grown product.
Santana Farms provided and in kind donation of foliage and textures for the Fall Vase Course of The Sustainable Flower School. They also provided some banksia, protea and fun fall ornamentals for the students to enjoy.
The sponsor support we receive from Santana Farms and our other sponsors allows the school to offer partial and full scholarships to students for each course provided.
Please reach out to us ( if you are interested in sponsoring this work of educating the community of florists! Both In-Kind and financial awards are accepted and appreciated!
Students in the Vase Course of The Sustainable Flower School
Students starting to create meadow vase arrangements in sustainable mechanics using local grown flowers and foliage and product from Santana Farms.
A look at some of the beautiful foliage and flowers available from Santana Farms
Gorgeous foliage and flowers for The Sustainable Flower School students to use in their designs.
November 23, 2023 — Pilar Zuniga

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