Memorial Flowers, small event order ($1500 minimum)

$ 325.00
Proveedor gorgeous and green


Floral designs commonly used at Memorial Services, Celebration of Life and Funeral Services. For table centerpieces please see the centerpiece option in the small event menu  

Local blooms, foliage and branches designed to coordinate with the look and color scheme you have chosen. But done so in a more eco friendly manner, without plastic/chemical floral foam, sprays or dyes. We will Contact you via email to request up to 3 pics and color suggestions.

$375 podium or altar arrangement. To be placed on the ground in front of speaker podium or on either side of altar (or on a stand provided by venue)

$575 podium or altar arrangement. Upgraded display of blooms, foliage and branches with higher priced blooms and more impact  to be placed on the ground by the podium or on either side on altar (or on stands provided by venue)

$450 casket or altar display. To be placed directly on the casket or on an altar, a garland woven with blooms or a low arrangement of flowers and foliage arranged in a compostable structure.

$675 casket or Altar display. Upgraded display of blooms and foliage for more impact.

$950 casket or Altar display. Abundant and higher priced blooms and foliage/branches. May be multiple pieces.

$650 easel display. Botanical wreath and blooms or large gathered bouquet on a wooden easel for display.

$850 easel display. Abundant botanical creation for display on a wooden easel  

Please inquire about your date before ordering:

Memorial services are not always planned with a lot of time, so we will do our best to make the process of ordering flowers simple and smooth. Once we receive the order, we will contact you directly to coordinate the details. 

Most funeral and memorial arrangements from other florists and outlets are made using plastic floral foam. Not only is this foam made from plastic and breaks down into micro plastics that invade our water supply and environment. This foam includes toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer and should not be touched for prolonged periods or inhaled. This is why we at Gorgeous and Green use other methods that don’t include this plastic floral foam. #foamfree

Blacked out and fully booked dates include: 7/24-7/26, November 10th-13th, Thanksgiving Day, 12/24-12/28, 12/31, 1/1, 1/8/23-1/19/23

Once the order is placed on the webstore, you will receive an email receipt. After that, we will contact you personally via email to request any pics (up to 3) for muse, the date of delivery or pickup and your color suggestions. Once we email you to get details and setup the order date and time, we will then confirm the order. After the order is confirmed, no refunds will be given. Pickup from the Studio in Oakland. Delivery can be made to venues throughout the Bay Area.