We love to create beautiful, lively, artistic and energizing arrangements for corporate events, office spaces, retail, cafés, restaurants, recurring events and galleries.  

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For more information about our corporate services, email us directly at shop@gorgeousandgreen.com and we will schedule a call with you to come up with a tailored plan for your event or office needs.


Below are some examples of corporate work we have done for local companies and events.

For privacy, there are some names and events we cannot share, but we have worked with major brands like: Facebook, Square, Alastin, Marquetta, Arup, Pixar, Alameda Food Bank, Google Ventures, Stanford Children's Hospital, CCA and more.

For offices, we offer planted arrangements that are longer lasting and unique creations for these environments.

Flower backdrop pedestals caramel tan and coffee Mariachi at Cigar Bar for event

Fairmont Hotel Corporate two day event long lasting centerpieces planted arrangement by gorgeous and green

Brazil Room event with summer local grown blooms by Gorgeous and Green

closeup of large table arrangement for workshop at Oh Happy Day Studios

Corporate event flowers for Live from Mama Dog Studios Fall Photo Backdrop by Gorgeous and Green

 Corporate event flowers by Gorgeous and Green for Alastin brand conference sustainable designs contemporary looks

corporate event at Oakland's Port Workspaces

Large scale arrangement for Local film company by Gorgeous and Green

Twin arrangements for a medical office in Berkeley

conference flowers at the IDCO workshop at Oh Happy Day Studios