Hi all Recently I was interviewed by local flower movement leader Debra Prinzing for her Slow Flowers podcast.


Debra Prinzing Slow Flowers Podcast, interview with owner of Gorgeous and Green, Pilar Zuniga

It was a fun question and answer discussion.  We talked about the development of my business Gorgeous and Green (for events) and in turn the Gorgeous and Green boutique on College.  Since I've always been concerned with staying local and sustainable, we shared ideas and the necessary truths of staying local and eco-friendly when it comes to flower design. And we talked a lot about Floral Foam, and how I don't use it!  Hopefully you all know it's not eco-friendly because it contains materials that are hazardous to your health and the health of other living things, and is neither biodegradable, compostable or recyclable at this time. Hopefully you take a minute to listen to the podcast and learn a little more about me, Gorgeous and Green and the local flower movement. Here's a link to her: web article And a link to download the Podcast.

In gorgeous and green health, Pilar Z.

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