Every 3rd week of the month I am going to upload a few pics of new goodies we have here in the boutique.  But because it's been so long, I have some catching up to do.  So here are a few goodies that have become popular and a new addition this week!

These organic onesies printed by SweetPea and Pie here in Berkeley are a local favorite and make great gifts for little ones.  All their designs are whimsical and fun.

local designed onesies by Sweetpea and Pie sold at Gorgeous and Green

These are another local favorite.

Plantillo Pillows locally made sold by Gorgeous and Green

Plantillo pillows made locally sold by Gorgeous and Green

These Plantillo pillows are actually images photographed by a local artist and then hand made and sewn by her and her assistants.  They come in leaves, blue succulents, green succulents, grey succulents, driftwood, pinecones, and birch logs.

And lastly, a new line of locally made goods for the body:

Etta and Billie Body products, local made and organic sold by Gorgeous and Green

Wonderful body balms by Etta and Billie in great scents.

Etta and Billie Scents, local made and organic sold by Gorgeous and Green

Local Made and Lovely,


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