I know you don't want to read about this wedding, you would rather feast with your eyes.  So I will be brief and only caption the photos so you know what's happening, but beware, there are just a few posted here, but there were many more that I have not shared.  Maybe I will share at a later date.
In any case, this all took place this past Summer at the Marin Headlands.  The wedding was beautiful, the crowd was festive and the bride and groom were such sweet and easy going people, they basically allowed me to do my design thing and my color scheme (bright color).  
Here you go:

The Tropical Bridal Bouquet in pinks, coral, yellow, golds, reds and green by Gorgeous and GreenThe Bride wanted a lush, tropical and colorful bouquet with a more condensed feel, less wild flyaways, so her wish was my command.
The Reception Hall with Gorgeous and Green flowers at the Headlands Center for Arts
The Marin Headlands Dining Room is a beautiful vintage space right next to the warmth of the kitchen.  The flowers here added to the feel and warmth of the reception. Plus there was no floral foam or plastic used!
The Fabulous Natty Cakes Cake and beautiful flowers
I selected some beautiful locally grown blooms for the cake, but Natalie from Natty Cakes did all the work putting them on in a cascade.  What a beautiful waterfall of color.
The couple in the Marin Headlands restroom, very vintage and cool
Here the couple poses in one of the vintage bathrooms in the building.  Such fun texture and a lovely shot captured by C. Wagner Photography.
A closeup of the giant tropical arch piece/installation at the Marin Headlands by Gorgeous and Green
A Closeup of the Gorgeous and Green :) Tropical foliage installation for above the ceremony. A lovely contrast to the vintage details of the ceiling.  And no floral foam was used! Not even a plastic tube. Way more sustainable.
Great photo of the Gorgeous and Green Ceremony Installation  by C Wagner Photography
A far shot of the ceremony space at the Marin Headlands.  A great room for a wedding ceremony.
The Sign In arrangement of tropical flowers by Gorgeous and Green for a Marin Headlands Wedding, photo by C. Wagner Photography
Some lovely bright light coming thru a tropical arrangement by Gorgeous and Green on the sign in table. 
A shot of the Happy Couple for a wedding at the Marin Headlands with tropical bridal bouquet and boutonniere by Gorgeous and Green, Photo by C. Wagner Photography
And the couple out for a stroll after first look.  The Marin Headlands is truly a magical space for a wedding because it is surrounded by natural beauty.
Florals by Gorgeous and Green
Cake by Natty Cakes
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