This summer we went to France for the second time, and I have to say, it still doesn't disappoint.  Here are a few photos of interest from the trip. Lots of yummy beach time, food and of course, DESIGN that interested me.
The Paris Train Station Restaurant DETAILS
If you get the chance, have lunch at the restaurant in the Paris Gare du Nord Train Station.  It is absolutely beautiful.  This is just the ceiling.
Visiting the little beaches at Calanques National Park near Cassis
We spent the bulk of our time on the coast of France, near Marseille and Cassis.  Beautiful clear mediterranean waters, and lots of sun. This location was one of the calanques or "coves" in the mountains created by the sea. at the National Park. There is plenty of hiking and even mountain climbing to do here.  You can also just lay out and take a nap.
Final beach day in Marseille
We stopped for some chill time at a little cafe on the water in Marseille.  Great place for a dip or a late lunch and aperitif. 
lots of love in France
Lots of love in France.
Having Lunch at the Louvre, pyramid style
I always enjoy visiting the little restaurants in museums (a favorite being the Smithsonian Art Museum's cafe for tea service when I was a kid). We stopped in to the tea room at the Louvre and had lunch and of course this special chocolate bomb of a desert shaped like the museum's pyramid.
Cool ARTifact at the Louvre
Once of my favorite pieces of art/artifact at the Louvre
Yummy Dinner in Paris at Le Servan
For our last dinner in Paris a friend recommended Le Servan.  A lovely meal.
I didn't create any floral designs while I was there, but I did wear plenty of florals. :)
October 16, 2018 — Pilar Zuniga

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