A Woodsy Green Wedding on Another Continent

I love the latest trend of woodsy-chic decor for events: ferns, elves and mushrooms.  It brings us back to nature, and in return, we plan our weddings and events to keep nature healthy.  Why not support our little friends, the elves, fairies, deer and woodpeckers? The photographer for this wedding contacted me, and although the event took place in Australia, I just had to post it.  Not only is it a beautifully shot affair, but the overall romantic and earthy vibe is really strong and ethereal.  The photographer is apparently the first eco-friendly photographer in Australia.  And besides her green life practices, she does some great sustainable business practices as well.  Check out what this Australian Eco-friendly photographer, Holly Cottingham, had to say: 1.  When did you start your green business? My business has been going for about 3-4 years, however only this year have I begun on the green route. 2.  Why did you? I changed my direction because I feel that we can change the world through our purchases. Also, I feel that using recycled paper is just a basic thing that we can      do with no extra effort, plus I was never really fond of the standard wedding albums. 3.   What are the ways in which you are green/Eco-friendly/sustainable? The ways that I am eco friendly in my business:
  • Paperless workflow – everything except business cards is online
  • Accepting direct deposit – most people have online banking now anyway and it’s easier for both of us, no more running to the bank!
  • Online proofing – there’s nothing worse than a huge amount of prints that you’ll never look at
  • Recycled paper –business cards are printed on recycled paper
  • Digital files – today the easiest way for people to show photos to friends is online
  • Eco matte photo prints – made from 100% post-consumer recycled waste though you wouldn’t know it, beautifully soft with little speckling
  • How are you green in other aspects of your life?
I started being green in my personal life before my business so there are quite a few ways that I try minimise my impact. I have a growing vegetable garden that I     am currently growing a variety of veges and herbs in. There’s nothing quite like just grabbing a handful of peas from the garden or a lettuce for a salad J I also         compost all of my food waste (I’m vegetarian so everything goes in the compost!). The rest of my vegetables I get from a local organic farmers market. I really             dislike going to the supermarket so it’s really great to just pop out on a Sunday morning and enjoy the markets instead. I also own a Sigg water bottle and take it with me everywhere. I cannot understand buying bottled water when we have just as good water at our own homes.             Lately I have been really utilising the library to get books from instead of buying them. There are so many that I want to read that it would cost a lot to buy them       all! I think the biggest way that I am eco friendly is that I no longer live a consumerist lifestyle. I always have a really hard think about if I actually need that new     product and usually don’t! Being green is great because it can save you alot of money too! 5.      If you could invent something to be more Eco-friendly or sustainable, what would it be? If I could invent something to be more eco friendly it would be a light switch that has a 15 minute timer on it so that after 15 minutes the light turns off. That is         definitely a downside to the CFL bulbs is that you have to think about if you will need that light on again within the next 15 minutes! 6.      What advice would you give to a green bride/groom about how they can be Eco-friendly in their wedding and future life together? The advice I would give to a green bride and groom for their wedding would be to plan a more simple wedding (which can be way more beautiful and personal           than the average wedding). Limit the miles that the food you serve has travelled. Educate your guests about the amazing local produce in your area. Choose a             venue that you can have both your wedding AND reception at – it saves time and energy for everyone in travelling and means you can spend more time with your     guests (it’s great for the photographer too, no rushing about like crazy!). Think hard about the favours that you give to your guests, do something more exciting         than sugared almonds (fruit, homemade jams, packets of seeds, small seedlings)! For their future life together, I would recommend for the couple to think about what ways they can minimise their impact. Not every action is possible for every          person but there are many that can be done with ease. Buy reusable water bottles, ride your bike more often (make a day of it, cycle to a park and then have a              romantic picnic!). Think about what produce you can grow – herbs and some vegetables grow really well even just in pots. Think about what you are supporting      with your dollars, shop responsibly! There are many many ways you can do your part. J

Here are some beautiful pics of the wedding itself:

australia walk

The happy couple

australia table

I love the simple citrus decor.  It's something I hope to include in a Gorgeous and Green Event in the coming months.  Yum!

australia house

The blooms from the tree are beautiful, and the overall sepia tones are so romantic.

australia cake

I love this little nature scene on the cake.  Those little forest people are so cute!

australia hug


Thanks to the photographer from


www.hjimagery.com and www.j-studios.com.au

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