This one is my favorite for a few reasons.  First, it's all local.  Including local roses, which is really important to me, in case you haven't seen the stories about mass rose growers in Ecuador and Latin America and the lack of restrictions in other countries in regard to environmental and social costs.  I proudly support local rose growers. Second, it's all about the colors we use.   I love the warmth of the orange, red and yellow variations.  It reminds me of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Like so many of the beautiful sunsets we witness here in the bay area, with the San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge skyline. Or the beautiful sunrises I get to witness while I'm traveling over the Bay Bridge to get flowers in SF.

bay sunrise, a gorgeous and green seasonal offering for local delivery

It's called the Bay Sunrise arrangement and it's available in the Gorgeous and Green online store for local delivery via bike courier. It's such a big hit for local deliveries, that we have started to offer in larger sizes.  

Bay Sunrise, larger and more wild, by Gorgeou sand Green

Here it is in it's grandest size: Just thought I'd share some pretty pics.  And share again how important it is to go with local with your purchases when you have a chance! In Green and Local Support, G&G

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