Early in the wedding season this year we created the flower designs for a lovely couple who got married in Mill Valley, at the Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club. As always we used locally grown blooms and greens, and some organics too.  We never use floral foam, chemicals or glues for our designs.  We rely only on the blooms and our techniques to make the beauty you see! Here is a look at some of the beautiful designs:

A closeup of the Bride and her bouquet by Gorgeous and Green, Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club

Bridal Bouquet in spring yellows and whites by Gorgeous and Green

A bridesmaid bouquet featuring locally grown kale, roses, garden roses, ranunculus and crespedia.

Bridal Bouquet featuring white texture, yellow peonies by Gorgeous and Green

Lovely bouquet featuring more white blooms with the addition of locally grown yellow and white peonies.

local organic ranunculus and local grown garden roses and peonies

Here are some of the beaufiul organic blooms we used to create these arrangements.

Hanging ribbons and bottles with blooms for the Ceremony at the Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club

hanging bottles with blooms for the ceremony area at the Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club, by Gorgeous and Green

Hanging bottles and ribbons made the ceremony feel alive


The Bride and Groom making their way down the aisle after the ceremony at Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club



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