Reinventing a Backyard

Turning a friend's yard into a Floral Harvest

I've been wanting to start growing larger quantities of flowers and greens so that I can use them in the floral designs I create for people.  It's probably the most sustainable way to offer floral design. My own yard is not quite as large as I would like, but my friend has more yard than she knows what to do with, so guess who's going to use the space?  Yes, I've been offered a large plot in her yard.  It gets full sun, to part sun in one corner.  There is probably a good 500 square foot area that could be used. It will take quite a bit of preparation, weed-wacking, weed pulling, and leveling, but with a fair amount of work I anticipate a great outcome.  I'm really excited to offer floral materials that I know for a fact have not been sprayed with pesticides and are contributing nothing but floral joy and oxygen to the planet.  I hope to also include organic and native plants, as seeds these days are everything from genetically modified to patented, by large companies like Monsanto and other massive monopolies. I want to update you all every few weeks with the progress of the backyard flower garden.  Here is the yard as it stands today:   T's backyard2 T's backyard I haven't decided on the exact flowers that I want to plant in the space, but I have illustrated how I want the outlook /landscape of the space to look.  I know I want to include some sage, celosia, lavender, horsetails and ferns.  Feel free and give me some flower/plant ideas if you have them: garden Check in next week to see how far I've gotten with the space... I'm hoping to get it cleared this weekend. G&G


ecochicweddings said:

Hi Pilar,
Love the site and the blog—and I can’t wait to see what you plant! FYI—-A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach ( is a good place to go for ideas and inspiration. Happy planting!

Growing Flowers for Floral Design said:

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