It's a challenging time when people are saying goodbye to a friend or family member at the end of life.  But, I meet the challenge proudly as I know I can be of service to folks during this important time.  I have been asked to do a few memorial arrangements, and recently I provided a casket spray at my boutique, Gorgeous and Green. Most casket sprays and wreaths are made with floral foam these days, but as you know, I don't touch the stuff (see my other blogs about it).  I was able to create a beautiful casket spray without floral foam using locally grown flowers: roses, delphinium, belladonna, mums and gerbera.  It was a little more labor, but I think it turned out beautifully.  The customers were happy and I felt proud to be able to offer such a nice art piece to help them honor their family member. In Green and Health, G&G

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