Since we've moved into the new space at College Ave in the Elmwood, we've been selling adorable little bouquets for $11 (actually $10.95).

Each one is unique and made by us in the shop daily using all locally grown flowers, including whatever organic flowers we can get our hands on.

They are so popular with locals that they are a best seller, and I have even seen something similar at the large supermarket chain down the street; which will remain nameless.

Voz collective bangles in the boutique Gorgeous and Green

These colorful bangles are in the shop again and sell so well they will be a main staple for a while.  Made in Southern California by a small business sister team names Voz, they are fun and wild and made using reclaimed wood.

Young America Creative gold foil seasonal calendars sold by Gorgeous and Green

And back in the shop in time for the holiday rush, locally printed seasonal fruit and veggie calendars by Young America Creative.  They also have a seasonal local seafood calendar as well.

Local made and lovely,


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