It can be green and low cost too

Over the summer I worked with a bride who was looking for floral design for a medium to large wedding, but wanted to keep it under $1000.  Now, I knew this meant we would have to work smart, but I was unwilling to make it look cheap.  The bouquet I think is the most important part, so I wanted to keep that looking fantastic, and that alone could have taken up 1/4 of her budget.  So we decided on very simple centerpieces and a lovely bouquet with some expensive touches as well as lovely and simple corsages and boutonnieres. The centerpieces: I rented the bride square glass vases and filled them with some stones, some living bamboo and a floating flower or two.  For 15 tables, this brought the cost down quite a bite.  We used locally grown flowers of course. mich center 2 The family flowers: I didn't want to skimp on the corsages or boutonnieres, so we used orchids when we could, and white roses with horsetails, but just kept it simple by using one or two, instead of going crazy.  I grow orchids, so keeping the number down allowed us to use what I had available. boutonniere white green The bouquet: This was the final challenge.  I wanted to keep it looking classy and connected to the Japanese/Philipino cultural influences that the couple desired for their wedding (instead of a wedding cake they chose Japanese Mochi for their dessert, very cool)

mochi wedding

So we went with mostly roses and dahlias, with a few hints of orchids, poppies and ti leaves. orchid fushcia bouquet Thanks to Cate Corbitt Photography for these pics! In Affordable Green and Health G&G

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