A few weeks ago, we were asked to provide a lovely arrangement for a local Terra Bella Client.  They have been a long-time sustainable florist in the Seattle area, and I have been well aware of their work for a while, as there are not many of us who offer similar services.

Arrangement for a Terra Bella customer in Seattle by Gorgeous and Green

Here's a lovely arrangement featuring local hydrangea (small because it's only early spring) local ranunculus, Veriflora freesia, and other lovely greens and branches.  We attached a lovely hand printed and recycled card for the message.

In that vein, I'd like to just say that I love partnering with other sustainable florists.  I hope one day those of us who vow to stay local and sustainable will grow and we will be able to offer sustainable and local floral decor services that spread across the globe, much like the large corporations that offer mainstream and cheap flowers grown in countries far away, cut by workers who aren't paid a fair wage and sprayed with large amounts of pesticides and who knows what else.  One day, maybe all florists will be local/sustainable and fair trade and we'll go back to the small, healthy, community driven economies that was our story for so long. For the time being, I vow that Gorgeous and Green will try to live that dream as best as we can and hope others will follow. In Green, Fair Trade and Sustainability, G&G

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