Last year we helped create a photo tutorial with Cheers Babe for Molly My's online magazine.  Here's the step by step of the door swag, beautifully photographed for your enjoyment:

Tools needed to make a swag for your door

Some materials to have: clippers, wire snips, scissors, tape, wires

Gather greens for the back and bone of the swag by Gorgeous and Green

lineup your foliage stems in a bouquet shape

Layer in dried and dryable flower and foliage stems and tie stems together with wire by Gorgeous and Green

Tie with wire, and add in layers of textures and blooms

Add in colorful blooms and textures that will dry well, swag by Gorgeous and Green

Add in blooms that are dried or will dry well

Pilar Zuniga of Gorgeous and Green adding in blooms and textures to a floral door swag

Tie with wire along the way, to make sure each layer is nice and solid

Tie and finish the door swag with some color popping ribbon by Gorgeous and Green

Wrap with ribbons

trim the ends of your swag so they are all even by Gorgeous and Green

cut stems to the same length for a clean look

Floral and foliage door swag by Gorgeous and Green

Hang in the middle of your door.


Enjoy!  G&G

Blog by Pilar Zuniga, owner of Gorgeous and Green,  a sustainable florist and online boutique featuring gifts and florals for local bike delivery to Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville.  Pilar specializes in using locally grown and sustainably grown flowers, foliage and greens in floral designs for small and large weddings, corporate and other events, restaurants, offices as well as gift and home use. The Gorgeous and Green online store includes an array of local and sustainable gifts, recycled jewelry, paper free cards and local grown and or organic flowers when available.

February 07, 2018 — Pilar Zuniga

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