Growing Flowers for Sustainable Weddings

part deux

So, I love gardening.  So much so, I've been gardening both at my house and at my good friend's house in Richmond, because she has a big backyard.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be planting at her house after we cleared her wilderness of a backyard.  So far, I've only gotten to the clearing stage, but  in the meantime, I've planted a little more at my own house.  

On one side of the house, I cleared some space for some ferns and larger leaf plants.  Mostly because it's a moist area and doesn't get as much sun as other parts of our lot.  

gg side house


Here are some of what I planted:

gg fern


gg leaf


gg pink hydrangea


And this little guy, I didn't plant, but is a byproduct of our bird feeder.  More sunflower seeds to come for the neighborhood birds.

gg sunflowers


I also planted a few other plants elsewhere in my garden, with the specific idea of using their leaves and flowers for green and sustainable flower design:

A gardenia plant

gg gardenia



gg jasmine


A small lemon tree

gg lemon



gg lavender



gg mint


gg rosemary


When we moved in to our house, it happened to come with 6 green hydrangea plants.  They are so great for floral decor and I just love their light green/chartreuse color.  They are just starting to come back this spring/summer, and are looking great so far.  Last year we had a little bug issue, maybe some caterpillars eating the leaves, I'm hoping they'll satiate their bellies with just the low leaves, and leave the flowers and top leaves alone.  Otherwise, I'll be looking into some pesticide-free methods of dealing with them.  I'll let you know how that goes.  

gg hydrangea green


I'm excited to watch all these plants grow over the next year, and of course to start using their beautiful leaves and flowers for floral designs.  I have to say, it's been so great having fresh flowers to cut and display in my own house.  It adds so much joy and seems too easy.  I definitely suggest growing your own plants and flowers, (pesticide free of course) not just for the benefit of the planet and the health of our atmosphere, but also for your emotional health.  

In Green and Health,


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