Hey there. Well, guess what? In the 13 years I've been working with flowers what I've found to be the most sustainable option when it comes to weddings is...

-Keeping the wedding small!

And this past year, we've had to do just that.  What I'm hoping is that we continue on this path, as it's actually my favorite event type to work on (I can source what looks best the week of and not freak out if things aren't available, and I can focus my time and attention and even add special touches, and not get super stressed out!)

I have an online ordering system for small events, and this bouquet (along with centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages and other designs) were ordered thru the system for this beautiful pastel and mauve wedding decor:

Small Event Ordering System Bridal Bouquet by Gorgeous and Green


And that's a pic of what my all ELECTRIC car looked like with all the flowers in the back (it was a local event and I dropped off the designs for a small fee)

Beautiful Wedding Flowers by Gorgeous and Green for a Small Event


Some other ways to definitely keep things sustainable:

-Keeping the wedding local, or all at one location

-Finding Vendors who are also sustainable!

-Paying for good value and quality ingredients and materials (organic, local, reusable, well made, archival, hand made, vintage, biodegradable, USA made, FSC certified, recycled, metal, glass, ceramic, not plastic, not throwaway!)

When we keep things small magical things happen! (Like these unicorn flowers)

In Green Beauty and Health,





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