Here's a post from my blog by the Knot: Simple succulent weddings. I thought I would share here as well, because my message is clear and the pictures are lovely.  Succulents and simplicity abound in the world today, an in this wedding as well.
I love including succulent rosettes in bouquets and arrangements. These succulents were grown here in Oakland, and the dahlias were grown in Half Moon Bay.
Photos courtesy of
I also love simple weddings like the one featured here. The client asked Gorgeous and Green to provide the bouquet and boutonnieres for the Bride and Groom, family and special friends. There wasn't a big wedding party full of 10 bridesmaids in pink taffeta or 15 groomsmen in rented shoes. There weren't huge crystal candelabras or 7 layer cakes. Sometimes we can do those things and try to be as sustainable as possible (rent the candelabras and taffeta) But sometimes keeping those things off the list can actually make it easier to be sustainable with the concentrated amount of decisions left to make in a more simplified wedding.
The magnificent redwoods and ferns that make the lush landscape of Stern Grove in San Francisco was plenty ceremony decor for the couple. I've asked the photographer for some up close shots of the bouquet, since it was so lovely, but in the mean time you can peruse these lovely shots of the couple from afar. Very romantic.

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