Lavender and Sage Wedding

Community Centers are great places to have a local wedding.  Not only are they in your neighborhood, they are generally a lot cheaper than other venues.  And some come with some great amenities like parks for children, gardens and even swimming pools.  Why not book one for your local wedding?  It is a great way to stay green and save some green too.   Here are some I-Phone pics (Sorry, I forgot my camera) of a small and quaint wedding I did at the Piedmont Community Center in Oakland a week ago.   peony lavender cake

This is a lovely small cake they had for show, there were delicate cupcakes for guests as well.  The layers were so beautiful, that I decided to focus more detail around the base of the cake.  All local and organic blooms of course, so they food safe.   I grow my own white roses, lemon branches and lavender blooms.  


gg large purple

There are two large metal urns in the reception room, so I filled them with as much lavender, blue and purple as I could find to add color to the room.  

Delphinium are nice and tall, so I relied heavily on them to add height.  



And of course scabiosa blooms, so lovely and soft.  They are paired here with some weeping eucalyptus and cornflower.

For the Reception, I decided to do petite glass vases filled with cut and living flowers.  Here are some examples of how cute and delicate these flowers looked and how nicely they would add to a more modern banquet display.    tiny vases   tiny pepper vase   Not only was it a lovely sunny day for an outside wedding ceremony, the reception was held in a very cute building surrounded by lovely gardens and trees.   I used locally grown flowers and greens as usual, and recycle my glassware.  I recycled some ribbon, used some cotton ribbon and didn't use any floral foam (of course).   In no way did I use plastic for this wedding, as I continue to strive not to do.  It's a challenge, but I find ways around it.  Just this week I got a new watering can (my old one was lost) and it's steel, ready to be recycled when ever I'm done with it! I don't have any pics of the bouquets, although I may post those when I get them from the photographer.  They did turn out beautifully.  I used a lot of locally grown peonies, which I can't get enough of.   G&G    


Kate dijo:

I love the simple flowers you have used here! You should come share a simple green wedding at – very inspiring!

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