The Sustainable Flower School: fall 2023 and early 2024!

Courses are available starting this fall! These courses have been developed for new and current floral designers looking to learn sustainable floristry techniques and methodology. There are 4 sessions available: Personals, Vase Arrangements, Installs and The Flower Biz

Personals Sustainable Flower School Course by Gorgeous and Green

Each session is comprised of  two days of educational sessions. Materials and tools provided along with handouts and plenty of practice time and opportunity for feedback. The courses are taught by Pilar Zuniga, a sustainable florist for 15 years and the owner of Gorgeous and Green. Pilar is a well practiced public speaker and educator and will download as many tips and tricks she's developed over the years to students. 

The Flower Biz Sustainable Flower School session by Gorgeous and Green

Each two day session will take place at the Gorgeous and Green shipping container studio and garden as well as the posh Mama Dog Studios photo studio and Soundstage. Along with coursework, each session will include plenty of snacks, lunch and a final cocktail hour after the completion of the session.

Vase Arrangements Sustainable Flower School Session by Pilar Zuniga Gorgeous and Green

Visit the Education section of our website to learn more about the courses available and to sign up. 

Installs course thru the Sustainable Flower School by Gorgeous and Green



18 julio 2023 — Pilar Zuniga

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