Heather Hearts by our local friends at Figone Farm

Heather hearts $25 or $30 each

It's the loving time of year, whether you have a valentine or not, you can always find something fun at Gorgeous and Green that makes you or someone else feel loved!

We will be showcasing a locally made and organic french macaron by local artisans Le Dix Sept.  They will be $15 for a box of 6.  If you are interested, please call and reserve a box today: 510 665 7974. Flavors include: Chocolate and Espelette (french chili) Tcho Milk Chocolate Ginger Apple + Ginger Compote Coconut and Coconut Cream Dark Tcho Chocolate They are also selling a Tcho Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pecan Tart in a 6" size for $30.  But orders have to be in by end of day today.

Dark chocolate tarte by Le Dix Sept

Le Dix Sept Macaron boxes for Valentines Day

French Macarons by Le Dix Sept, for Valentines Day

Look at all the lovey and friendly cards we have in stock, all printed on recycled paper:

Valentines and Love Cards at Gorgeous and Green


We have a large selection of the lovely Local Tangleweeds jewelry that is so popular among the ladies:

Gorgeous and Green featuring Tangleweeds Jewelry locally made

Locally made jewelry by Tangleweeds, using recycled leather and materials when available.

And Smiling Cat, reworked vintage pieces made locally:

Vintage bracelets and other jewelry by Smiling Cat, Berkeley

La Chat Souriant vintage pieces reworked in bracelets (shown here) earrings and necklaces

And don't forget a locally grown flower bouquet!

Mixed bouquet by Gorgeous and Green for Valentines Day

A mixed bouquet of locally grown roses and other blooms is available online starting at $40.95 plus delivery (by bicycle to most places in Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville).

In Green love, G&G

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