Pilar from Gorgeous and Green and a hand tied bouquet made during a live IG tutorial


While Sheltering In Place, I have done some live Instagram Stories to share my love of creating with flowers and to spread a little beauty.  It has been helpful to me as a designer to have something to focus on and prepare for during the week, when I usually have a bustling flower business to attend to.  So, even though I am the one sharing, it has actually given me a lot of joy and meaning right now to share what I know and show some flower beauty and sustainable floral design techniques in the process.

Pilar and a local hand tied bouquet made at home during COVID-19

I've created a shortened version of the video to share with you here. In it I create a hand tied bouquet of flowers using the European spiral technique.  This is a technique that is great for more advanced floral designers, as it takes some prior familiarity with the diversity of flower stems, knowledge of the structural engineering of the design and familiarity with holding hand bouquets for a long time while you design. But, novices are encouraged to give it a try!

Have a look:


I plan to share more with folks as the weeks progress, and hope you'll stay tuned for more flower education!


Pilar at G&G


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