The Spring Virtual Workshop May 15 (peonies!)

$ 199.00

The Spring edition of our Seasonal Workshop series!

Due to Covid and the uncertainty of workshops in 2021, these workshops will be virtual!

We will deliver the materials to the recipient two days or the day before the workshop (local Bay Area Residents Only) and email you directions and the virtual workshop entry details before the event.  If you do not live in the SF Bay Area, please select the Virtual Workshop only, and we will send you a recommended list of materials to gather on your own.

The Spring workshop will take place via zoom at 11am pst on Saturday May 15th! (New date)

Enjoy fresh local grown flowers and learn eco friendly and sustainable floral design techniques.

Winter: focus on centerpieces. Flowers, vase, chicken wire, pruners and foliage provided.

Spring: review of centerpiece (with peonies!) with the addition of a simple dried flower crown. Flowers, foliage, wires and wrap for flower crown provided. (Attendees out of area will receive dried flower materials for their crowns)

Summer: review of centerpiece with addition of simple door swag. Flowers, Foliage, wire and ribbons provided.

Fall: focus on a thanksgiving table design. Flowers, foliage, container and additional decorative elements provided.